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Image of a woman's hand holding a paper cone filled with sugar-covered churros on the streets of Cuba. This easy churros recipe is one you can make at home and it happens to be vegan.
May 3, 2024
Golden, crispy, and oh-so-satisfying! Our easy churros recipe is the perfect way to end a delicious plant-based meal or start a fiesta. Yep, you can make them at home. Get the recipe.
Image of Burrito Bowl with Spiced Black Beans and Quinoa Recipe served in a white bowl on a white platter with lettuce and corn tortillas on a wood table.
February 7, 2024
Dig into this easy vegan burrito bowl for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Or serve it up build-you-own-vegetarian-burrito-bowl station style.
Vegan Green Bean Casserole with Gluten-Free Crispy Fried Onions
November 17, 2023
Iconic green bean casserole ditches the canned soup and gets a vegan makeover.
sweet potato casserole
November 17, 2023
A gluten-free, vegan sweet potato casserole that's sweet, warming, and chock full of deliciousness.
Gluten-Free Vegan Pumpkin Muffin Recipe
October 12, 2023
Enjoy the warm, delicious pumpkin, almond flour, and oatmeal flavors in  these gluten-free vegan pumpkin muffin recipe. It's what's for Sunday's brunch.
Image of spiralized zucchini pasta recipe with Tagliatelle, Peas, and Arugula Pesto, served in white pasta bowl, with charger beneath and a fork. Served on wood table with wine glass.
September 15, 2023
This easy zucchini pasta recipe is the best way to get your greens. Spiralized zucchini, verdant pops of sweet peas, with vibrant arugula pesto will deliver tons of nutrients in a delicious and down right satisfying bowl.
Image of a dozen no bake peanut butter cookies on a parchment lined baking sheet, one with a bite taken out of it.
September 15, 2023
These no-bake peanut butter cookies are nutrient-dense and energy-packed. You probably have the ingredients to whip them up right now. You should do that.
Image of a vegan bbq jackfruit pulled pork slider with slaw on the bottom, bbq jackfruit "pulled pork," red onion, on a bun. All on a sheet pan with parchment paper, with french fries scattered around.
August 28, 2023
This luscious bbq jackfruit “pulled pork” recipe has everything you love, a sweet, tangy sticky sauce and a chewy meaty texture — sans the actual meat. Never worked with jackfruit before? No worries, it’s easy. Watch the video and we’ll walk you through it.
March 20, 2023
Made with fresh tomatillo sauce, homemade cashew cream, and avocado slices, these easy verde (green) vegan enchiladas are delicious! Serve this recipe with homemade refried beans and margaritas and you have a Mexican feast!
Image: Woman swimming in blue sea. Vegan collagen powders and supplements may help up your wellness game for your skin, hair, joints, nails.
Collagen supports skin elasticity, helps hair and nails grow, and may aide joint health. It's found in animal proteins—so what should vegans and vegetarians do? Read on for expert advice and top picks for vegetarian and vegan collagen powders and supplements from a Registered Dietician. Plus two bonus picks for added support!