Om Shanti: Yoga for Eyes


If you’re reading this, you may be a candidate for eye yoga.

Or at least that’s what Paul McCartney’s advice might be!

In a recent TV interview, Sir Paul raved about taking advantage of this little known fitness routine he discovered on a recent trip to India. He shared what he learned:

“He told me eyes are muscles (and) are just like any other muscles, and they need exercise to keep them working properly. Spending so much time at computers or (watching) the TV or reading books, we are only using one set of muscles in our eyes. The yoga gives a workout to the other ones.”

According to, eye yoga “tones the eye muscles up and keep them elastic. If you already have eye problems when you begin these exercises, you will find your eyesight improving after a few months.”

Don’t take our word for it – check out what Sir Paul has to say about it!

Now get your zen on and body and soul too…and don’t forget to dress the part!

via: Ecorazzi

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