Foofy Cat Fur Handbags


Picture this. Joan Rivers on the red carpet, asking some random bubblehead celebrity, in her signature gravelly voice, “So, what are you wearing?” And the nudnik replies, “My precious Snowball!” Believe it or not, some women makes handbags with cat fur.

After grooming, she takes the combed out fur from Persian cats and spins it into yarn and then, like the pioneer days, uses it to make artesian crafts and in this case, muckety-muck handbags. It may be highfalutin, but it’s still an innovative eco-friendly idea.

Like oh my god, it’d be totally posh to carry around my Chihuahua in a kitty bag. That’s hot!

Via Inhabitots.

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  • Littermaid  December 17, 2009 at 1:06 pm

    I’ve heard of people doing this with their dog fur before (mainly because there’s just SO MUCH of it) but not with cat fur – more time consuming but it looks like they’ve done a good job with it!

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