Eggo Waffle Listeria Scare – Kellogg Plant Shutdown

LISTERIAA Kellogg’s food plant in Georgia was shutdown earlier this month over a possible outbreak of listeria bacteria.

Listeria pops up in foods like unpasteurized milk and ready-to-eat meals, and can weaken the immune system, making it especially dangerous to pregnant women.

An investigation turned up no traces of the bacteria, but the plant remains closed. Kellogg’s officials plan to resume production in the near future.

The facility halted production of Eggo Waffles, after listeria turned up in a sample of Kellogg’s Buttermilk Eggo Waffles, prompting a recall of 4,500 cases.

Contamination could have occurred on a production line, but analysis revealed none of the recalled products tested positive for listeria. Kellogg said they are working with the Georgia Department of Agriculture to improve sanitation.

Via Food Production Daily.

Image credit: Foody Life.

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