GMOs Aren’t on God’s Good Side

corinSome people feel genetically modified organisms are an unholy abomination, but others think they’re a scientific breakthrough. To put it lightly, the worldview is conflicted.

Recently, at the Vatican, activists argued that GMOs are invasive and will choke out indigenous plants, but in Uganda officials want to explore the usage of GMOs to help reduce the cost of food.

For the Vatican the major taboo about GMOs is their threat to God the creator. After all, God made tomatoes red. Who are we to make them blue with yellow polka dots

Although, I think God would appreciate our creativity, but then again, I doubt we REALLY need carrots mixed with scorpions.

Via Red Green and Blue.

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  • Steve Savage  November 15, 2010 at 9:00 am

    God has been letting people modify plants and animals by selective breeding all through human history, and the changes that have been made are far more dramatic than anything that biotechnology can achieve. I see no conflict with faith if humans use their God-given creativity to help feed humanity. I see a big moral issue with blocking such technologies – particularly for the crops that feed the poorest societies in Africa.

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