Mr. Jessica Simpson Eyeing Vegan Fast Food

Eric Johnson ex-NFL player

Former NFL tight end Eric Johnson, now Mr. Jessica Simpson since his engagement to “singer” is an idea man – or so they say – and the out of work football player wants to start a chain of vegan fast-food restaurants.

I don’t know about his restaurateur aspirations, but I remember quite vividly that this cement head cost me a win in fantasy football, when I swapped him in for my regular tight end who was on bye week. Curse you Eric Johnson.

Eric, who retired from the NFL in 2008, after stints with the San Francisco 49ers and New Orleans Saints, has, as many gossip rags have pointed out, been sitting around jobless since his engagement to Jessica Simpson.

But reports have called Eric a “business-minded” guy – he did go to Yale after all – so instead of sitting around all day counting Jessica’s money, Eric has expressed interest in starting a chain of vegan fast-food restaurants.

Well, it’s as good of an idea as any. The guy who owns the Heart Attack Grill, which is the exact opposite of what a vegan fast-food restaurant would be, is making money hand over fist, so why not start McVegan’s?

Veganism seems to be very envogue with celebrities and pseudo celebrities, some have speculates the Old Spice guy – “I’m on a horse” – is a vegan. And even Slick Willy Bill Clinton has toyed with being a vegan.

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  • JC  December 2, 2010 at 3:09 pm

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