Climate Change In, Animals Out!

As climate change worsens, the World Wildlife Fund warns up to 75% of Antarctic’s penguin colonies could be DAMAGED or WIPED OUT! Even a two-degree increase would threaten 50% of emperor penguins and 75% of Adelie penguins; the AFP reports.

And the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) claims 25% of mammals are at RISK of extinction. According to the Associated Press, researchers cite climate change for threatening polar bear populations and bush meat hunting for primate-loss in Africa.

Now, the problem SWELLS when you consider the current economic crisis. During a meeting of the IUCN, experts urged that fiscal constraints could RUIN the world’s conversation efforts; via National Geographic News.

Clearly, the time to act is NOW! Before its too late.

Gerald "Gerry" Pugliese

Gerry is your typical yoga practicing, no pizza or meat eating Italian guy from New Jersey. Seriously, his family still isn't speaking to him. Professionally, Gerrys been Dr. Joel Fuhrman, MD's blogger since 2005.