Eye-Candy Purses

What can a designer do with thousands of unused, factory-discarded gum wrappers, soda bottle labels and candy bar wrappers?  

If you’re the eco-fashionistas behind Nahui Ollin, you turn them into a colorful collection of trendsetting handbags and accessories.  

Every product is handmade with recycled materials that would normally end up in landfills. Artisans fold and weave together individual wrappers and labels to form classic handbag shapes. A single tote may be composed of up to 4,000 candy wrappers, and a craftsperson may spend four days turning litter into luxury.  

I have my eyes on the multicolored New Overturned Tote (right), which measures 15”x9”x5”. Perfect for everyday use, it features a double leather handle, a leather flap closure and inside extra zip compartment.   

Need something a little smaller? The Mary Poppins Small Handbag is 12.5”x9.5”x4”, has double leather handles and a zipper closure.   

And if you’re shopping for a gift, the Itsy Bitsy Small Wristlet is easy on the eyes—and the wallet.

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