Garbage Tomato 2 – Monday 9.28.09

Fall weather is like kryptonite to tomatoes. My garbage tomato is taking a beating. The whole left side is dying fast, but somehow that offshoot on the right, still looks great, with plenty of green tomatoes, so we’ll see what happens.

I doubt any more tomatoes will ripen. No big deal. I’m still going to leave them on there for as long as I can. But I did pick my freeloading acorn squash, the whole plant was dead. I gave it to my mom. She had 3 little stowaways of her own too.

Gerald "Gerry" Pugliese

Gerry is your typical yoga practicing, no pizza or meat eating Italian guy from New Jersey. Seriously, his family still isn't speaking to him. Professionally, Gerrys been Dr. Joel Fuhrman, MD's blogger since 2005.