Buying Organic Apples Could Change Agriculture

I eat a lot of apples! Apples are a great grab and go, but there’s a teeny-tiny problem. Most apples are loaded with pesticides.

And in this video Alan Greene, MD, a well-known advocate of organic food and green living, talks about the risks of non-organic apples and why organic apples present a unique opportunity to improve public health.

I love the idea that buying organic apples will increase the demand and put pressure on agriculture to grow more and more organic apples.

Dr. Greene has a bunch of these little videos on other foods like organic beef and organic soy. Here’s your homework. Go watch them!

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  • Bill Nunes  September 8, 2009 at 8:05 pm

    This video has all good information, but you can take it one step further. Apples don’t have to come from Washington State. They can be grown in many areas of the U.S., even the hot Central Valley of California where I live.
    Find a local CSA or farmers market or farm stand. These small farmers are striving to find new markets for their produce and are very responsive to customer demand. You won’t be able to buy them every day of the year, but seasonal fresh apples (like other fruits and veggies) are much better than the cold storage ones from across the country. Even the organic ones.

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