Detoxing with Raw Food

After losing 25 lbs. on raw food dietHi. My name’s Tamlyn Jordan and I eat a vegan diet. I try not to identify myself with, “I’m a vegan,” because number one, people have mistakenly assumed I smoke pot, two, I have actually been asked, “So how’s your new religion going?” (I had to correct them; “Vegan, not pagan”), and three, meat-eaters don’t describe themselves by saying, “I’m a carnivore,” so I feel it’s only fair. (A vegan diet means no meat or dairy products.)

On July 1st last year, I made a 180 in my life. After becoming more and more ill during the previous decade with various assaults to my body, I decided it was time to get serious about healing. I knew the first thing that had to go was my diet.
Before my big change, like most Americans, I ate too much refined food, too little organic, raw food, and way too much sugar. When I had eaten a vegan diet in my 20’s and 30’s I was very healthy and happy. I’m now 46 and I just can’t get away with eating like a teenager at a party. So I decided to go organic, eat mostly whole, raw foods and eventually, I gave up meat, caffeine and dairy foods.
I knew making this transformation would be hard. My location alone – Edmond, Oklahoma (not quite as podunk as it sounds — but almost) would make it hard to find whole, organic foods. It’s intuitive that we should eat a lot of veggies and other whole foods, but getting there is perhaps the biggest battle many of us face. It’s universal. Just Google “diet” and “books” and you get 44,400,000 hits.
I’ve been on many metaphorical roller coaster rides in my life, but in the beginning, this one was a freakin’ nightmare. The detoxing alone is incredibly hard to get through. You’re eating better and better, yet feeling worse and worse. Hoping that I might help another poor, dietarily challenged soul stick with it until the detox phase is over, I began writing down my experiences.

The diet change was just the beginning for me. I needed to lose at least 20 pounds before I could start healing the illnesses with which I was faced. My healing has recently taken a lightyear’s leap forward since I began taking Univera’s anti-aging health supplements. I can’t wait to tell you about them.
And in case you’re wondering, I still eat a mostly raw, vegan diet – although I am not a food Nazi. I do have a cheese slip now and then (and no, I’m not talking about anything kinky).

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  • Chef Rhonda Russell  July 2, 2007 at 6:25 pm

    Way to go! That’s so awesome what you are doing. Keep up the fabulous work!

    Many Blessings to you

  • luvinlife  July 4, 2007 at 12:30 pm

    Yee-haa! Way to go! So what is your MOST favorite side effect of your 180 degree nutritional healing changes? I’ve been edging towards a complete organic makeover myself this past year, buying 99% organic & raw groceries which is a BIG SWITCH. It’s really helped me with my sugar habits SIGNIFICANTLY. My multi-week detox’s in Sept./Oct. ’06 & April ’07 brought tremendous results. The changes to my facial skin were my favorite. Nothing like looking in the mirror & seeing a more youthful, vibrant reflection. That alone seemed to give me more confidence & energy. I’m shocked to admit that weightloss was in second place, having been 75 lbs. overweight for nearly a decade, and losing 40 lbs. The new stylin wardrobe is a great reward. So is the mental & emotional clarity – what BONUSES!

    I’ve tried so many products & methods for cleansing in the last 15 years & it just makes so much sense to me. We change the oil in our cars, why not ourselves? Amazing how so many folks react when I say “I’m detoxing”. Some assume I’m an alcoholic : ) too funny! Some get very concerned for my health : ) too ironic! others are besides themselves to try what I’m doing since they’re observing my physical transformation everyday before their eyes. I love having an empowering impact on others taking responsibility for their own vitality.

    I’m not the MOST disciplined out there, I’m sure. In May of ’07 after a solid month of my best detox ever, it was like my dark side said, “oh yeah? so you think this is how it’s going to be?” I was more interested in LATE NIGHT dancing, drinking, smoking, slacking…. : ( I could feel the amazing difference clearly & I was on the low side with this behavior. I am on the seesaw right now (though still more on the undisciplined side). I’ve regained 10 lbs. but am not likely to allow much more time to pass before I handle a return to my preferred reflection.

    Life is good.

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