Do Pesticides Take Nutrients Out of Fruits and Vegetables?

STRAWBI bought a bag of non-organic apples the other day and when I opened it up they all felt greasy. I’m not germ-phobic or anything, but it was creepy.

I wash them, but I’m sure a lot of people peel the skin off just to be safe.

My grandparents thought peels were kryptonite. No apple or pear had a chance. They all got eaten in the nude.

But some say peels are loaded with nutrients and carving them off is a waste, another reason to buy organic.

So to keep the peel intact, and most importantly eaten, stick with organic fruits and vegetables avoids the whole problem.

Another claim, and I’ve never heard this before, is foods grown with pesticides prevent nutrients, like vitamin C in peppers, from reaching the final product.

I guess at the end of the day just buy organic. It tastes the same and some say it tastes even better, but truth be told, I’ve never notice the taste thing.

Via The Daily Orange.

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  • Sharon  October 1, 2009 at 8:44 am

    Nice topic and post. I definitely agree with you!

    Organic food does provide a “more” nutritional value since it is not doused in various pesticides/herbicides. Pesticide use is growing each year because weeds and bugs are growing immune to them. Therefore, conventional producers need to use harsher pesticides and more of them. Food Inc. the book talks about the rate of pesticide growth in the US.

    To help distinguish organic foods from chemically treated foods…you can start by looking at the produce. I recently wrote an article on how to identity differences in produce at the grocery store:

    Would love to know your opinions! Thanks :)

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