Garbage Tomato 2 – Monday 9.21.09

No doubt. It’s officially the twilight phase of this year’s garbage tomato. You can see its looking a little crispy. And it took a beating this week. Some more crazy wind and rain nailed it, and snapped a branch. No worries, I buried and mourned the loss.

No red tomatoes this week either and it is unlikely I’ll get anymore ripening on the vine, but that acorn squash is almost ready. Apparently it is okay that the leaves all died off. That’s just what they do. I’ll pick it soon and use it to drive nails with.

Gerald "Gerry" Pugliese

Gerry is your typical yoga practicing, no pizza or meat eating Italian guy from New Jersey. Seriously, his family still isn't speaking to him. Professionally, Gerrys been Dr. Joel Fuhrman, MD's blogger since 2005.