Ground Beef “Still a Gamble”

Last Sunday, the New York Times published E. Coli Path Shows Flaws in Beef Inspection, in which reporter Michael Moss informs us that “eating ground beef is still a gamble.”

 The newspaper obtained corporate records that indict our broken food-safety system. E. coli remains an ever-present threat, which is bad news for a nation that loves its burgers.

 “The majority of E. coli comes into processing plants on the hides of grain-fed feedlot cattle and in their guts,” says Allen Williams, PhD, chief operating officer at Tallgrass Beef, a producer of grass-fed meats. “Most beef in the United States comes from cattle that are fattened on grain in feedlots. Grain diets alter the rumen pH in the gut to allow the acid-resistant bacteria, such as pathogenic E. coli bacteria, to grow and thrive.

 “Grass-fed cattle are much less prone to the pathogenic forms of E. coli that usually lead to sickness and recalls,” he adds. “Since 100% of grass-fed cattle are fed only forage diets and raised in the pasture, they are clean inside and out.” 

If you enjoy a good burger and haven’t yet switched to grass-fed organic beef, now’s the time. Burger lovers can follow my mom’s example.

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  • Bill in Detroit  October 9, 2009 at 9:18 am

    Or, just skip eating meat altogether — it isn’t a required food and it doesn’t add anything at all that can’t be found in a vegetarian diet … including the flavor. What it DOES add is a ton of fat, too much protein (too much weakens bones by forming uric acid and leaching calcium), lots of mass without even a little bit of fiber to push things along … leading to diverticula, infection and internal bleeding.

    The results are the same no matter what the source of the meat: fish, fowl or mammal.

    (I haven’t researched insects yet, so I’m not sure about them. OTOH, there aren’t all that many insect eaters in the US, so the other meats are more likely to be the source of problems than bugs are.)

    You choose: play E Coli + heart attack + obesity + cancer roulette or skip meat altogether.

  • Skin Care  October 15, 2009 at 12:41 pm

    Thank you for giving awareness to common people and I appreciate your efforts…!

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