Firm Tofu

Nasoya Firm TofuWhen Cooking Light magazine sampled firm tofu brands for its 2010 Taste Test Awards, two organic products achieved top honors: 

  1. Melissa’s Organic took the grand prize for its “slight nuttiness” and “meaty consistency.”
  2. Nasoya Organic placed second for its softer texture, which “still stands up to wok-browning.” 

Los Angeles-based Melissa’s makes three types of organic tofu: Soft, Firm and Extra Firm. 

Ayer, MA-based Nasoya makes six types of organic tofu: Firm, Extra Firm, Cubed, Soft, Silken and Light Silken. The company has also launched an online “university” called Tofu U

“For many Americans who grew up cooking with ground beef and eggs, tofu can be intimidating,” explains Susan Ronick, Nasoya’s vice president of marketing. “It isn’t a staple in American kitchens. When people learn where I work, I often hear, ‘I bought some tofu once, and it sat in my fridge until I threw it out. I just didn’t know what to do with it.’ Tofu U is here to help and change that attitude.” 

Remember to pack tofu or other proteins into your wellness plan during cold and flu season. A Sweet Potato Pie Smoothie, made with organic vanilla soymilk, is the perfect fall beverage. 

Photos: House of Sims, Nasoya