Death on a Factory Farm

Joe Wiles, owner of Wiles Farm in Wayne County, OH, saw no problem with the hog abuse that occurred on his factory farm.

According to the Humane Farming Association (HFA), his standard operating procedures included “starvation of sick and injured pigs, forcing pigs to live in their own waste, severe overcrowding and cannibalism, beatings, inhumane transport, and the hanging and slow death by asphyxiation of struggling and fully conscious pigs.”

The cruelties these animals endured are exposed in Death on a Factory Farm, an HBO documentary that premiers tonight. (Click here for airdates.)

Emmy-nominated filmmakers Tom Simon and Sarah Teale follow HFA’s undercover investigation of the Wiles Farm and the court case that followed. An investigator, working as a farmhand, wore a hidden camera that captured gruesome footage of the farm’s abuses. A synopsis of the film is available here.

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  • akeliah elliott  March 23, 2009 at 4:34 pm

    When I saw this documentary what kept going through my mind is “how is this not regulated? why wasnt an investigation done before?” The documentary depicts genocide on these animals and the fact that there are participants there that satisfied their sadistic needs completely offends myself and those who value animals. I used to think of PETA being full of S$%T but now that my eyes are open I completely realized what the advocacy was all about, not just PETA alone but other animal rights groups. They truly do serve a purpose and I hope the laws will now become stronger interms of regulating these farms..becasue this is a nationawide concern if peopel are ingesting these meats…

  • Sally  March 24, 2009 at 10:57 am

    I eat meat (less and less) but love animals and I was SICK TO MY STOMACH seeing this documentary. Joe Wiles and his family are clearly mentally ill. It’s one thing to earn an honest living raising hogs to be killed for food, providing you treat them with decency and kindness. But, Joe Wiles and his thug family are savages and I wonder if someone did to them what they did to their hogs if they would then think it was cruel.

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