Seeking Sustainability?

Opt for a Meatless Meal  

Meat carries a higher environmental cost for its food value. Producing beef in feedlots requires about 16 times more fossil-fuel energy and generates about 24 times more CO2 than the caloric equivalent of vegetables and rice. Choose a great meatless meal once a week—organic, of course—and enjoy! 

Enjoy a Night on the Town  

Don’t feel like cooking? More restaurants are preparing meals with organic ingredients. By rewarding these eateries with your business, you can make a difference right in your own town. If your favorite restaurant isn’t using organic food, let the owner know you’d like to see it on the menu. 

Choose Organic Dairy  

People sometimes choose organic dairy because they prefer the taste, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.  These products represent a larger ecosystem and process that nurtures the soil and responsibly cares for animals that graze on the pesticide-free land. Horizon Organic, for example, works with more than 450 farmers across the country and has adopted its own Standards of Care to ensure the integrity and quality of its products.   

Tips and photo courtesy of Horizon Organic and Earthbound Farms