U.K. Organic Market Needs Cohesive Message

BROCThe organic system in the United Kingdom was worth roughly $5.2 billion in 2008. A nice number, but officials want to fix one teeny-tiny problem.

Apparently, British organics lack one unified message—very unlike the orderly and proper Brits—organic farmers and grows want to develop a joint, essential message to share with consumers.

The heart of the initiative is to inform that organic products are free-range, local, pesticide-free, fair trade, seasonal and natural. They want no confusion.

A spokesperson said, “To cut through the confusion the organic movement needs to demonstrate more forcefully than ever that organic principles encompass all these single issues and deliver a set of interlocking benefits that can and will still motivate consumers.”

Officials hope a new cohesive approach will help grow the organic market by 15% each year. To hammer out the plans a conference will be held in October.

Via Food Navigator.

Gerald "Gerry" Pugliese

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