Will Your Organic Breakfast Make You Smarter?

Most research that associates eating breakfast with mental acuity and emotional well-being has focused on youth. Studies have found that children and adolescents who eat breakfast show improved memory and test grades. The relatively few studies of adults show more mixed results, suggesting breakfast brings benefits in memory, energy level and mood.

Specific food choices at breakfast probably play an important role. Reflecting the national average, most people in these studies likely ate ready-to-eat cereal for breakfast. Chocolate donuts or a big plate of sausages and refined-grain pancakes may not necessarily offer the same benefits identified in these studies.

Several studies suggest breakfasts that slowly release carbohydrates into the blood help memory and concentration more than those that rapidly release large amounts. Carbohydrates are released slowly by foods that contain whole grains and solid fruit, rather than refined grains (bread, pastry or cereal) and fruit juice or soft drinks.   

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—Karen Collins, MS, RD, American Institute for Cancer Research

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  • Barbara Feiner  January 17, 2008 at 6:20 am

    Eating breakfast, depending on your choices, offers the benefits described in the article. Here at OrganicAuthority.com, we cater to an audience that embraces organic living, so we recommend making healthful organic choices. We’d choose organic whole grains over their nonorganic counterparts whenever possible. We’re not fans of pesticides and chemicals.

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