World Tour of Recycling Bins


It’s always weird to see what mundane things like phone booths, parking meters and trash cans look like in other countries. Recycling bins are no different. Here’s a snapshot tour from around the world, including places like Austria, England, Australia and many more.

Now, if you’re wondering how all those plastic bottles and aluminum cans go from useless throwaways to brand new bottles and cans, RecycleBank has animated the whole process. It reminds me of the board game Mouse Trap, minus them mini bathtub and plastic cheese.

In related news, big cities are taking aim at plastic bags. New York has established a statewide recycling program for plastic bags and Washington, D.C. is wants to impose a fee on plastic shopping bags. Eh, just use reusable bags, I do.

Via TreeHugger.

Gerald "Gerry" Pugliese

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