A Pivotal Moment in Environmental Politics

In less than a week, world leaders—including President Obama—will convene in Copenhagen for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, set for Dec. 7–18.

The goal, as we’ve reported before, is to achieve international consensus on climate-change goals for the whole planet.

Many grassroots groups have asked for the public’s support, and we’ve chronicled efforts like the music industry’s Beds Are Burning campaign.

Politics, however, is a beastly affair, and some experts believe the Copenhagen summit is already doomed.

“We can only hope that the looming failure of Copenhagen can be overcome by future talks and a serious change in resolve by the United States and China,” says Scott Ollinger, PhD, an associate professor at the University of New Hampshire’s Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans and Space.

 “The gravity of the challenge is underscored by the fact that even the best of outcomes at Copenhagen would still be insufficient for dealing with the problems of rising CO2 and climate change,” he adds.

It’s now up to us to put pressure on our representatives and demand decisive action. You can voice your concerns by signing numerous petitions. Please visit:

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  • Shirley Draeger  December 3, 2009 at 4:13 am

    While I do believe there are many things that can be done to enrich or improve our surroundings, the water supply, etc. I have a huge problem with junk science and a scientific community that fudges the numbers and ostracizes those among them that don’t concur. Global warming is really in question, as it is presented by the so-called experts. Clearly there are issues with air pollution and water pollution. Those issues are not global warming. Always need to pay attention to the bandwagon you are jumping on. The zealots have rather hijacked the real science and it is time to get back to the real science. Amazingly here in Wisconsin the Milwaukee sewage plant is allowed to dump raw sewage as well as blended sewage, time and time again. Personally I find that more detrimental to our earth than burning an incandescent light bulb! But they are politically connected and so they can do as they please. Unfortunately it is all about politics and at this point politics and junk science don’t have me ready to throw away our economy and our way of life. Sorry folks, China isn’t going to be on this bandwagon.

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