Greenpeace Flags Rushmore for Global Warming

RUSHGPI’m not sure if this is a great idea or defacing a national treasure—probably a combination of both—but on Wednesday, members of the environmental activist group Greenpeace scaled Mt. Rushmore and dropped that flag next to honest Abe.

The banner, measuring 65 feet high by 35 feet wide, sends a clear message to politicians that climate change must be a top priority and politics as usual are not acceptable. Greenpeace insists the flag was not installed in any way that may damage carvings.

Oh, and just yesterday, Greenpeace took over four coal-fired power stations in Italy.

Via Ecorazzi.

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  • Sussy Monge  July 11, 2009 at 2:01 am

    I’ve always admired Greenpeace. And even if I do not always agree with the way they express their ideas, must recognize that they are definitely brave

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