Warming Up to Al Gore

Kudos to Entertainment Weekly for putting Al Gore on this week’s cover.

In the lead story, writer Benjamin Svetkey reveals the former vice president’s film, “An Inconvenient Truth,” has grossed $15 million in the United States and “is projected to earn another $10–15 million with its release overseas next month (along with nobody-knows-how-many-more-million when the DVD arrives this fall).”

Ironically, a film that started off as a carousel-projector slide show that Gore delivered around the country has surpassed ticket sales for hit documentaries like Hoop Dreams, Super Size Me and Madonna—Truth or Dare, making “Truth” the fourth-highest-grossing non-IMAX, non-concert documentary of all time, according to Svetkey, who speculates that Gore “may even have a shot at snatching third place from Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine.”

Gore admits he was skeptical when first approached about turning his presentation into a film, but he’s thrilled that close to 2 million Americans have seen the “chilling” documentary (and he’s donating every cent he makes to The Alliance for Climate Protection). But the accolades he’s received have had a broader impact: Former critics of Gore the politician have turned into fans who now accept the premise that global warming is an incontrovertible scientific phenomenon, much to the chagrin of the petrochemical industry and the Bush administration. (The president has no plans to see the film, according to numerous newspaper reports.)

But as Gore tells Svetkey, “’This isn’t a political film. Global warming isn’t a political issue. It’s about the survival of the planet. Nobody is going to care who won or lost any election when the earth is uninhabitable.”

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  • Bridget  July 20, 2006 at 9:42 am

    Kudos? Puhhhlease the Earth is just going through its latest heat up cycle, do you know that Mars is warmer than it has been in a while too? I guess that’s us humans fault also. Besides all of this “global warming” mumbo jumbo is based on what SOME scientists think the Earths tempertures where hundreds of years ago. No one knows for sure when every thing is based on models of what it may have been like. Soon it will be colder than ususal in the winter time and that will be because of “global warming” too. whatever. Al Gore is as crazy as they come.

  • Bridget  July 21, 2006 at 6:16 am

    My disdain for Al Gore has nothing to do with the myth that is global warming, I used to be and uberenvironmentalist terrified by the ideas of “greenhouse gases” “rapid deforestization” the loss of “hundreds of endangered species everyday” I have since learned that the Earth is doing the same thing it has been doing since its beginning, changing, going back and forth between “hot” periods and “cold” periods. Volcanic eruptions emit more greenhouse gases in one eruption than humans have, there is more forested areas in the united states today than when Teddy Roosevelt started talking about conservation. My problem with Al Gore and those like him (Teddy Kennedy for one) is that they tell us to change our ways but do nothing themselves. Al Gore is flying around in a private jet to do all of the press junkets for his film (jets release a ton of “green house gases”) Teddy Kennedy doens’t want windmills in his precious cape because they would ruin the view even though they would also provide alot of energy. I have no problem with conservation, solar panels, windmills, environmentally safe organic products, but the fact that the Earth has risen one degree in the past one hundred years does not make global warming the truth. Plus there are many independent scietists who have said the science in Al Gore film is “junk science” not all scientist believe we are headed for catastrophe.

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