4 Hanukkah Recipes for a Fantastic Festival of Lights


The Festival of Lights is quickly approaching, and we all know what that means: it’s time to dust off the dreidel and, more importantly, Grandma’s best recipes. Here at Organic Authority, we’re setting the table for eight days of feasting with our very favorite Hanukkah recipes.


Image: Elena Horwich

1. Potato Latkes

It just wouldn’t be Hanukkah without latkes. These delicious potato pancakes are the perfect Hanukkah treat; the oil they’re fried in is representative of the oil that burned for eight days, according to Hanukkah tradition. Our recipe uses only the best extra-virgin olive oil for extra flavor.


Image: Becky

2. Brisket

For the main dish, try our favorite oven-braised brisket with red wine, wild mushroom and cranberry sauce. This sweet-and-sour brisket is fall-apart tender and delicious. And as though it couldn’t get any better, it’s even better when made two days in advance, making your work the day of even easier.

chicken tagine

Image: Elena Horwich

3. Chicken Tagine

If you’d prefer chicken as the main event, consider this delicious sweet-and-savory chicken with apricots and prunes. Full of flavor and spices, this dish will be welcome at any Hanukkah table.

chocolate olive oil cookies

Image: Elena Horwich

4. Chocolate Gelt Cookies

As for dessert, these delicious chocolate gelt cookies are much tastier than those foil-wrapped chocolate coins; olive oil is the gold in these delicious morsels. And what’s more, with olive oil and vegan milk standing in for butter and regular milk, these cookies are perfect for serving alongside meat meals.

Top image: CarbonNYC

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