Meatless Monday Roundup: 4 Melon Recipes


Melon is probably in all your local farmers markets by now. While the orange melon we all know as cantaloupe is actually a variety known as muskmelon — true cantaloupe is almost impossible to find in the States — it’s still a delicious ingredient in these sweet and savory melon dishes. Be it orange or green, like honeydew, you’ll love these meatless melon recipes for your Meatless Monday feast!

melon salad

Image: Georgeanne Brennan

Start things off with a melon and fig salad with basil cream. This creative salad combines sweet melon with figs; the savory touch comes from the creamy basil sauce, which adds just a hint of spicy freshness and a whole lot of decadance. This salad is just as delicious as an appetizer or as a new spin on fruit salad for dessert.

cantaloupe salad

Image: Mallory Dash

If sweeter salad isn’t your cup of tea, maybe a more savory salad with a salty zing will be more up your alley. This savory cantaloupe and feta salad combines the perfect blend of sweet melon, salty feta, pungent balsamic and red onion, acidic lime juice and a blend of herbs and black pepper. There’s no confusing this salad for dessert, but it would be perfect as a midday lunch in the summer heat.

champagne melon soup

Image: Laura Klein

For a super-simple appetizer or hors d’oeuvre, our chilled melon Champagne soup is sure to please. This cooling soup is sweet and sparkling; it’s perfect for summer dinner parties and easy to boot! Use different melons for a slightly different flavor each time you make it!


Image: Apron Strings

Perhaps a bit more labor-intensive but just as delicious, this honeydew and almond gazpacho is a fun play on the traditional Spanish soup. Honeydew stands in for classic cucumber, and red wine vinegar and tomatoes add a savory touch.

Top image: jean-louis zimmerman

Emily Monaco
Emily Monaco

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