Meatless Monday Roundup: 4 Orange Recipes


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As much as we hate to admit it, cold and flu season is upon us. But never fear! With a balanced diet, it’s easy to amp up your immune system and hopefully combat winter illness. And we have just the recipes to do it! We all know that oranges are chock full of vitamin C (though they’re not the only ones!) Try working oranges into your Meatless Monday meals, and warding off winter colds and flus becomes easy… and delicious!


Image: Ed Yourdon

Start with our roasted organic red and golden beet salad. It’s topped with an orange-almond vinaigrette. Not only do oranges pack a flavor and vitamin punch in this salad, but you also have calcium from the goat cheese, protein and healthy fats from almonds, and magnesium and folate from beets. Not to mention a delicious salad, perfect for wintertime!


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A vegetarian black bean chili with cumin and orange is the perfect recipe to have on hand as the weather gets colder. Chili is warming and delicious, and this version is packed full of protein thanks to the black beans. The cumin adds the perfect amount of spice, helped out by a bit of delicious, warming cinnamon. Two whole oranges bring a kick of sweet-and-sour flavor.

roasted potatoes

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Jamie Oliver’s orange and sage potatoes are the perfect way to add oranges to your Thanksgiving table… or any table. Sage is associated with fall and delicious roasted dishes. These roasted potatoes also get a sweet kick of oranges.


Image: Amber DeGrace

Grilled endive salad with blood orange vinaigrette is going to become a part of your regular winter rotation. These bitter Belgian lettuces are perfect when grilled, which brings out their natural sweetness. The blood orange vinaigrette balances the natural bitterness of the lettuce with an acidic touch. Not to mention, it’s beautiful! If you can’t break out your grill in the winter, you can just as easily grill the endives in a grill pan.

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