Meatless Monday Roundup: 4 Veggie Burger Recipes

veggie burger

In honor of the end of summer, we’ve turned our sights to burger recipes. Take advantage of the last few warm evenings to turn on the grill and throw down some of these meatless burgers. Bean, vegetable, lentil, sweet potato… anything is game when it comes to these fantastic patties, perfect for your Meatless Monday burger night.

black bean burger

Image: Laura Klein

Our black bean burger has an almost southwestern flair. The typically Tex-Mex black beans are combined with chipotle seasoning, coriander and cilantro for a burger recipe that’s bursting with Mexican flavor. Topped with avocado and salsa, it’s a fiesta on your plate.

lentil burger

Image: lablascovegmenu

Black beans aren’t the only legume that can be used to make a burger. Lentils, mushrooms and oats unite in a veggie-heavy patty that’s full of texture. There are no puréed, unidentifiable veggies in these lentil-mushroom burgers; one bite, and you’ll be able to taste — and see — all of the ingredients going into them. Red wine and soy sauce lend umami flavor to these already delightful burgers, which can be topped with any and all of your favorite traditional burger toppings.

shiitake mushrooms

Image: Laura Klein

Our grilled shiitake mushrooms are perfect for adding to a burger. Infused with the flavors of garlic, lemon, olive oil and herbs, they can be a delightful, meaty replacement for the slightly tired portabello mushroom cap burger or a perfect topping for any other veggie burger recipes… including some on this list! Just be sure to leave the anchovy fillets out on Meatless Monday to make these mushrooms a truly vegetarian delight.

sweet potato burger

Image: Gail

For a burger bursting with flavor and color, these sweet potato quinoa burgers are perfect. The cumin-flavored burger is topped with blue cheese and balsamic-glazed onions. There’s just enough sweetness in these burgers to stand up to the stronger flavors of blue cheese. These gourmet burgers will please even those for whom Meatless Monday isn’t a regular affair!

Top image: lara604

Emily Monaco
Emily Monaco

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