Meatless Monday Roundup: 5 Prune Recipes


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Prunes may not be the coolest food. Long associated with digestive troubles, prunes have recently been rebranded as “dried plums” to make them more appealing. But frankly, there’s no reason why these dried fruits shouldn’t be appealing already! Prunes, like raisins, craisins or dried apricots, are a concentrated source of sugar and fruit flavor. The rich flavor of prunes makes them perfect in sweet and savory dishes alike, and this week, we’ve found the Internet’s very best in prune recipes, for you to get to know this delicious fruit!


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Prunes’ rich flavor goes very well with salty cheese. These prune and halloumi skewers add a bit of spice as well, with a slightly hot satay sauce. The combination of prunes, halloumi, fennel and red pepper may not be an obvious one, but it’s certainly delicious. The lime and cilantro round out the flavors with a touch of freshness.


Image: Luca Nebuloni

Another international dish starring prunes hails from North Africa: this couscous with prunes and vegetables combines fruits like prunes and pears and a great variety of vegetables, which you can mix and match according to your personal preferences and the seasons. While most traditional couscous recipes involve some sort of meat, the richness of the different flavors — nuts, spices, fruits — in this couscous will ensure that even devoted carnivores won’t miss it!


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Mole sauce is reputed for its difficulty, but it’s really all about the number of ingredients. Once you’ve assembled the elements that you need for our mole sauce, the recipe itself is not all that difficult to make. While traditionally served over chicken, mole is also delicious with tofu, seitan, pumpkin, beans or a combination. Let your meatless imagination run wild!

prune cake

Image: Jules:stonesoup

Prunes perhaps most frequently feature in dessert… they are a fruit after all! The Pioneer Woman’s prune cake is one of those wholesome, homestyle recipes that feels like it just came out of your grandma’s kitchen. Rich in spices with a sticky, syrupy topping, this prune cake will charm all lovers of sweets. Hide the main ingredient until the last minute, and you’ll convert all skeptics with ease!

baked apples

Image: Andrea Parrish-Geyer

Our baked stuffed apples are a wintery treat! Prunes join in alongside persimmons, cherries, berries dried apricots, honey and vanilla, with a warming touch of Amaretto. The surprising elements are the sage and rosemary; usually associated with savory dishes, these herby additions make this treat taste even more like the holidays!

Emily Monaco
Emily Monaco

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