Meatless Monday Roundup: 7 Potato Recipes

Potato heart

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Today’s Meatless Monday roundup uses one of the most versatile ingredients available this season: the potato. Potatoes are often relegated to being just a side dish, but there’s no need! Bring potatoes center-stage and dress them up for six very different but equally delicious potato recipes. And consider using some of our favorite potato varieties in these and other delicious potato recipes.

baked potato

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Baked potatoes are a common side dish, but there’s no reason why a delicious baked potato with homemade pesto, alongside a simple green salad, can’t be a perfectly adequate lunch or dinner. These tasty treats can double as a side dish as well.


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Pesto is also a main ingredient in our roasted potatoes with organic herb pesto. This vegetarian side dish depends entirely on the quality of the potatoes and herbs used; a simple dish with few ingredients requires only the best for success!


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Mashed potatoes are a delicious side as well, but they’re often lacking in vitamins and minerals. Enter Irish classic colcannon, which brings a much-needed dose of leafy green vegetables to the dish, just enough to be able to upgrade this side dish to a main.

potato salad

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Potato salads may seem like a summer dish, but there’s no reason that this salad — complete with jarred artichokes, feta cheese and olives — can’t be served in the winter as well. The warm potatoes that serve as the base for the salad make it a perfect winter lunch or dinner.

pizza ingredients

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Potato pizzas are a clever way to bring potatoes center-stage. This vegan version uses the potato as a base for toppings like tomato sauce and vegetables, but non-vegan versions topped with cheese would be delicious as well.


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Instead of topping potatoes with flavorings, try stuffing them instead. These vegetarian potato breakfast bowls have vegan bacon, eggs and cheese. You can play with the toppings chosen to make them yours!

aloo gobi

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Venture a bit further afield for a delicious Indian aloo gobi recipe. This flavorful Indian curry is teeming with spices. Serve it with brown rice as an accompaniment, as well as some yogurt raita as a foil for the heat!

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