Meatless Monday Roundup: Barbecue Recipes

grilled peaches

Image: Mike McCune

Summer has practically arrived! And with it, barbecue season. Start filling up your vegetarian recipe arsenal with delicious, summery recipes that can be thrown on the barbie and served outside on the patio… and don’t limit yourself to adding a few frozen veggie burgers to the mix! This Meatless Monday, we’re offering you our all-time favorite meatless barbecue recipes, for a vegetarian barbecue feast you can be proud of!

tofu kebabs

Image: Stuart Mudie

Let your barbecue take on an international flair with Thai tofu on lemongrass skewers. These brochettes are infused with Thai basil, ginger and soy sauce, for a flavorful bite that even your meat-eating friends won’t be able to steer clear of! Feel free to change up the vegetables according to your liking.

grilled mushrooms

Image: Laura Klein

A frequent replacement for meat at veggie barbecues is the grilled portabello mushroom. We’ve got different ideas when it comes to burger replacement, but that’s no reason that mushrooms shouldn’t be invited to the party as well! Try our very favorite grilled shiitake mushrooms (being sure to leave out the anchovy fillets — you can sub a bit of vegan Worcestershire — to make them truly vegetarian). With herbs like thyme and marjoram as well as a decent drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice, these mushrooms will be a crowd-pleaser for sure.


Image: elin

Make the main course a gourmet treat: these eggplant, halloumi and pesto burgers are to die for! The eggplant is seasoned with a bit of balsamic and grilled alongside the halloumi before being assembled in a delicious sandwich. You’ll probably have to make some for the meat-eating crowd too!


And don’t forget about dessert! What’s more traditional for a cookout than homemade s’mores? Vegan marshmallows are just the thing to make these all-natural, homemade recipe for everyone’s favorite campfire treat the perfect way to end any barbecue this summer.

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