Alice Waters Leads More than 125 Chefs in Support of California’s Proposition 37

Alice Waters

Author, food activist and founder of the iconic Berkeley restaurant, Chez Panisse, Chef Alice Waters has written an open letter signed by more than 125 of the nation’s top celebrity chefs in support of California’s Proposition 37—the November 2012 ballot initiative that could make the state the first in the country to require labeling on food containing genetically modified ingredients.

The chefs state that as being on the frontlines of feeding our nation, they “have an enormous stake in ensuring transparency in our food system,” adding, “we can’t prepare the best food we know how when information about the ingredients we purchase is hidden from us with labels that are missing basic facts. This includes foods that are genetically engineered or contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs).”

Waters has been outspoken in her commitment to fresh foods, particularly when feeding the nation’s children. Her letter does not mince words; rather, she marinades truth deliciously with  simplicity and tact.

Waters writes:

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

On November 6th, the future of food is at stake at the ballot box. California’s Proposition 37 – The Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act – requires clear labels letting consumers know if foods are genetically engineered. Over 50 countries worldwide label genetically engineered food already.

Carlo Petrini, founder and president of Slow Food International, was in our state recently, and he kept saying that this is our moment to do something really important for everyone on this planet—that people are watching from around the world to see how we respond. And I agree with him.

I think this is the moment when we need to stand together as chefs, restaurateurs, and people who care about food to support Proposition 37. Whether or not you live or vote in California, please tell your friends, donate to the campaign right now, sign the petition below, and add your voice to this critical movement.

With hopefulness, 

Alice Waters 

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Image: David Sifry

Jill Ettinger

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