Chef Mario Batali on Foursquare

Chef Mario Batali is now on Foursquare

American chef, restaurateur, author and television show host, Mario Batali, has cooked up yet another way to keep his die-hard foodie fans deliciously informed: He’s entered the online social networking world of Foursquare.

The fifty-year old superstar chef has always been at the cutting edge of communicating with his fans, and what’s better than letting them know where he is and what he’s been eating? Foursquare, the smart phone app lets users “check-in” at locations including restaurants, and leave reviews. In Batali’s case, fans can read his worthwhile reviews and tips including ones like his recent review of the famous Lower East Side Katz’s Deli in NYC. Batali writes on his Foursquare account, “simply the best pastrami sandwich on the planet, pair it with a dr browns cel ray soda and see god.” (Fans of the film “When Harry Met Sally” may remember Meg Ryan’s poignant god-like moment seated in Katz’s…but it wasn’t the pastrami and Cel-ray that had her slapping the table…)

Foursquare fans of Batali can also unlock the “Mario Badge” for foodie cyber-street cred, and users following Batali who check-in at his restaurants are eligible for specials, like a free glass of Prosecco at LA’s Pizzeria Mozza or Osteria Mozza.

Batali has reportedly been trying to lose weight recently. After catching a picture of himself, he has announced his goal of losing 80 pounds, so a word of caution to his followers—he may be checking in and leaving not-so-mouth-watering updates about his visits to the gym, too.

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