Restaurants Get A Rating for Dog Friendliness

dog friendly restaurants

Ever take your dog to dinner and get rude looks, crazy rules, or even been asked to leave? We know, we know, you can’t take dogs in restaurants. But in the warmer months it’s legal to have a dog sit outside with you. Even then, not all establishments are stoked on the idea. Luckily, there is a new site called Eddie Eats Out that tells you all about and rates the service that dogs and their owners get at sidewalk cafes.

First of all, you can search by state, city, neighborhood and restaurant. New York has the largest database (10 pages of listing) since it originated there. It covers almost any type of establishment from the chi chi Pastis to coffee shops to the local bar. Users can rate the service, food, water bowl, overall performance, and leave a comment about their experience.

 Lui & Zoe said Pastis was friendly and gave them water but they had to stay on the other side of the outdoor seating partitioner (aka, the sidewalk)

Tyson said Le Pain Quotidien was the sweetest place in NYC. Figures its European owned.

The site has a way to go but we love the idea of it. And being a pooch owner, I have a few favorite places that I like to hit up with my Pomeranian, Mercutio.

Since it’s winter and I can’t visit any outdoor seating places, these are all bars which allow dogs since there is no food served. Some even give out puppy treats!

Von: This wine and beer spot has a dark homey feel where dogs can curl up with their owners without the hassle.

Barcade: Ready to play some games? We’re not talking about fetch. This place is packed with arcade games and serves up a long list of beer.

Anotherroom: Sip a microbrew or seasonal wine in this candlelit cozy spot.

Other great NYC resources for dog-friendly spots are Shecky’s, Yelp and Dog Friendly. And you can get all your eco-friendly tips for your pup at Green Your Dogs.

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Image by Teh Bieber