7 Secrets for Stress Relief


Stress! We all experience it from time to time in our life.  Perhaps you, like many others in this country, are feeling some stress because of the economy.  If you are, I’d say you’re pretty normal. Just listening to news reports of lost jobs, home foreclosures and reduced sales is enough to cause feelings of anxiety in just about anyone, including me. But, stressful events aren’t the real problem.  It’s how we react to stressful events that determines whether we will grow from them or develop chronic worry, anxiety, fear and the physical illness that accompanies it.

Learning how to handle stress is typically called stress “management.”  The implication is that we can never avoid stressful experiences.  However, we can learn tools that help us to deal with (or “manage”) them.

Learning and applying these Seven Stress Solving Secrets isn’t just going to help you.  It’s also going to help you help other people. With so many people feeling the stress of “troubled times” right now, being able to help others with their stress is a valuable service you can offer.

Keeping in mind that you can only learn them by practicing them, here are my personal Seven Stress Solving Secrets.

Stress Solving Secrets

  • Stress Secret #1: Stop and Breathe — Deep breathing will rapidly counteract the physiological effects of stress in your body and help you feel better within minutes.
  • Stress Secret #2: Focus on Today — The truth is that 99% of the time, nothing is wrong in the present moment. We just allow the 1% bad moments to overshadow our lives by constantly rehashing them or trying to figure out how we can never let them happen again. This is an awfully stressful way to live.
  • Stress Secret #3: Focus on Solutions, Not Problems — Negative thinking is simply focusing our mental energy and attention onto what is wrong and what we don’t want. In contrast, positive thinking is simply focusing our attention on what is right and what we do want. It’s as simple as that.
  • Stress Secret #4: Be Thankful for Your Problems — Part of the process of shifting our attention from the negative to the positive is to recognize what we already have that is good.
  • Stress Secret #5: Nourish Yourself with High Quality Foods and Herbs — When cash is short, one of the ways people try to save money is to skimp on food by eating cheap junk food. Don’t! Skimp on something else, but eat good food.
  • Stress Secret #6: Plan for Pleasure — A pleasurable experience does more good for your body than a stressful experience does harm. That’s great news!
  • Stress Secret #7:  Serve Someone Less Fortunate — Our lives have more meaning when we serve others. When we lift others, we lift ourselves.