Laura’s Favs: Tweets and Comments (April 13, 2012)


As we head toward 29,000 likes on Facebook, we are preparing for a VERY special 2-week long event starting this Monday! We can’t wait for you all to see what it is, but it will involve a ton of giveaways, some great special guests, and most importantly: YOU! Thanks for all the social love this week, we are always so grateful to have each and every one of you on our team. Have a great weekend!

If you have any thoughts or ideas about how we can improve, please share.

Here are some of our favorite social network highlights from the week:

Our Twitter Favs of the Week:

  • @FoodIDTheft: Follow Rockin’ Laura Klein @OrganicAuthorit – Get the facts! #Organic #Health

  • @ethicalDeal: #Chocoholics unite! But is #raw #chocolate really better for you? via @OrganicAuthorit

  • @LRiosSalazar: I do 7 of these & they work! Favs are beach, dog park & baking. 🙂 8 Ways to Feel Better Now:… @OrganicAuthorit

  • @manyachicago: I’ve mntnd this before but it is worth another take: 7 Foods You Should Never Eat:… via @OrganicAuthorit

  • @SoothingShowers: Love your #Shower? Here’s a few tips from @OrganicAuthorit to make you love it even more!… #LoveMyShower

Our Facebook Favs of the Week:


  • The FDA is killing you I knew that pink slime couldn’t be the only thing… get your meat from a small organic farmer that pastures his/her animals. develop the relationship and you won’t have to worry about it.
  • Sharon Anthony Connors Ha !! I just spent like 5 hrs cleaning my fridge from top to bottom the other day. Ewwwww… you should have seen the science projects I had going on in there… hahaha.
  • Crystal Clear I use it for just about everything. Oil pulling, moisturizer, diaper changes for my son, on my dog’s nose when it gets too dry and as a supplement. Truly a miracle oil.
  • My Vegan Journal ?51% of the calories from asparagus are from protein! such a healthy and delicious veggie! 😀
  • Della Szeszol Melville Actually I found that my babies got smaller the more healthy and organic I took my diet! No hormones and crap to pump up their size! 🙂
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