Nation’s Premier Farm to Table Dining Event to Host Fundraisers for Recent California Fires, Earthquake, and Hurricane Relief

Nation's Premier Farm to Table Dining Event to Host Fundraisers for Recent California Fires, Earthquake, and Hurricane Relief
image via Outstanding in the Field

Outstanding in the Field, the premier farm to table dining experience that connects farmers and consumers in a one-of-a-kind multi-course outdoor event, will be hosting two benefit dinners to offer relief for victims of the recent Mexico City earthquake and the Northern California fires.

Outstanding in the Field’s team traverses the country between spring and fall, setting up unique dining experiences with breathtaking backdrops.

“Through the Summer and Fall, we have carried our table across North America, setting it for meals from farm to farm and town to town. We’ve gathered, broken bread and felt the deep connection that comes with care for place and care for people,” the company said in a statement.

“As we roll west, crossing the desert and arriving back in California where we started, it’s time to pause and contemplate what has happened during our travels.

This season, Outstanding partners and friends have experienced loss from fire, flood, hurricane, and earthquake.”

On Monday, October 30th, Outstanding in the Field will host a dinner at Santa Monica’s Ocean View Farms, featuring Mexican chefs for its Mexico City relief efforts in a partnership with Hedley & Bennett. Funds will go to, an organization working with earthquake relief.

On Thursday, November 2nd, OITF heads back up to its headquarters in Northern California for a dinner at Markegard Ranch in Sonoma Coast.

“From farms to wineries, rental companies, friends and family, we have felt the impact on many levels,” OITF notes. “Some of our staff have been volunteering their time and logistical skills at donation centers. Others have been supporting friends by helping them navigate the recovery process.”

Proceeds from the November 2nd dinner will go to Tzu Chi, an international relief organization working with victims of the recent fires in Northern California.

Outstanding in the Field says it’s also getting ready to announce benefit dinners taking place in Houston and the Florida Keys to help raise funds for victims of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey.

Jill Ettinger

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