5 Organic Bed Sheets for the Cleanest Cuddles Ever


5 Organic Bed Sheets for the Cleanest Cuddles Ever

If you’re all about creating a device-free sacred bedroom space filled with nontoxic candles and sleep-inducing essential oils, it may be time to toss those old bed sheets. Along with being filled with dust mites and dead skin (sorry, but true!), conventional cotton sheets contain toxic pesticides and chemicals, which do not make for the best sleep ever.

These five organic bed sheets are comfy, cozy, and promote plenty of shuteye. Trust us, you’ll never want to get out of bed in the morning.

Why Choose Organic Sheets?

We spend roughly one-third of our lives in bed, more so when binge-watching the latest Netflix show or catching up on necessary sleep during the weekends. With so much time spent in between the sheets, it’s important to prioritize bedding that’s not produced with toxic pesticides and chemicals to reduce total exposure. And no, washing sheets doesn’t remove toxic residue, unfortunately.

Cotton is one of the world’s biggest (and dirtiest) crops. “Worldwide, cotton covers 2.5 percent of the cultivated land and cotton growers use 16 percent of the world’s pesticides,” a 2014 report from Rodale Institute notes.

“Eight of the top 10 pesticides most commonly used on U.S. conventionally produced cotton were classified as moderately to highly hazardous by the World Health Organization,” according to the report. Even more, cotton is one of the top four genetically modified (GMO) crops produced in the world, among soy, canola, and corn.

Choose organic cotton products whenever possible, the Rodale Institute concludes. “When you shop for cotton clothing, socks, diapers, bedding, towels, mattresses etc. remember that ‘All Natural’ cotton or ‘All Natural’ fibers are not necessarily chemical-free or GMO-free because the processing of cotton textiles relies heavily on toxic and hazardous chemicals.”

Instead, seek out USDA certified organic products that adhere to organic standards. “Organically grown and processed cotton will not expose you to herbicides, fungicides, or other chemical residues,” notes Savvy Rest, a maker of high-quality organic bed products.

“For the highest quality, also look for the GOTS seal. Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification represents the most rigorous organic standards worldwide.”

5 Organic Bed Sheets for the Cleanest Cuddles Ever

5 Organic Bed Sheet Sets We Love

1. Whisper Organics

These 300 thread count sheets from Whisper Organics are 100 percent organic and free from GMOs, toxic residue from pesticides, harsh dyes and chemicals, allergens, or anything artificial. Grown by organic, fair-trade farmers in India, these organic bed sheets are third-party certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). We love the wide range of beautiful colors and super soft, cuddly fabric.

2. Magnolia Organics Dream Collection

Magnolia Organics Dream Collection 100 percent organic sheets are pure bliss. These 300 thread count sateen sheets are responsibly and ethically made in India and certified GOTS. Gorgeous, neutral colors like natural, chocolate, and laurel oak are the perfect fit in any cozy bedroom space.

3. West Elm

These organic washed cotton sheets from West Elm are bedroom hygge goals. Made with 100 percent certified organic cotton certified GOTS from India, these 200 thread-count sheets come in pretty, pale colors and have a comfy lived-in feel. Bonus: West Elm makes gorgeous organic duvets, too.

4. Coyuchi

Coyuchi’s 100 percent organic sheets are loomed to a 300 thread-count in a silky, sateen weave that feels lived-in and resists bedtime wrinkling. Beautiful colors, like pale sky and misty ocean, are perfect for bohemian, natural bedrooms. We love their GOTS and Fair Trade-USA certification and commitment to responsible growing and production processes, including a zero wastewater recycling method.

5. Loop Organic

Loop Organic’s GOTS certified sateen sheets are made with 100 percent organic cotton grown and made in the United States. We love the two neutral colors, white and sandstone, which match and compliment any bedroom. “All of the production processes are free from known carcinogens and heavy-metals,” the company notes. As opposed to using bleach for whitening, LOOP uses hydrogen peroxide and even certified organic low-impact dyes. “LOOP products have even been proven safe enough for many with acute allergies and chemical sensitivities,” too.

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