Heavy Harvest: 10 Giant Vegetables You’ve Got To See To Believe

 giant pumpkin

It’s harvest time and for the gardeners among us, that means a lot of work getting veg out of the garden and preserved. Along with the work comes the joy of seeing the beautiful products creates through the hard work, as well as the delicious dishes to eventually enjoy. In honor of harvest season and to inspire the gardener in you, we’ve rounded up pics of giant vegetables grown by gardeners from around the world. Enjoy your harvest and savour it while it lasts!

1. This giant carrot is rather sizeable. The photographer noted that it weighed 1 kilogram by itself – that’s 2.2 lbs. of carrot!


 2. This giant beet barely fits in the palm of its holder. Althouhg many giant vegetables lose their flavor as they grow bigger, beets often maintain their sweet and earthy taste. 

giant beet

3. What would you make with this giant cauliflower? The cabbage ain’t bad either…

giant cauliflower 

4. Although the cabbage above is sizeable, it has nothing on this absloutely massive one!

giant cabbage

5. These giant onions absolutely dwarf their companions. 

giant onions

6. This giant Armenian cucumberwould make a whole lot of pickles!

 giant cucumber

7. You would have a hard time roasting this giant parsnip whole. 

giant parsnip

8. Giant tomatoes may look a little bizarre, but they do offer a lot of delicious goodness at 6 inches wide. 

giant tomato

9. This giant zucchini doesn’t even fit in the refrigerator!

giant zucchini

10. This giant pumpkin actually set a world record…yeah, it’s BIG.

giant pumpkin

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