Adorable! Cute Baby Animals at Myrtle Glen Farm

 baby llama

Baby animals are always a source of joy at our small farmstead of Myrtle Glen Farm in southwestern Oregon. Our goats, llamas, chickens, ducks, cats and even occasional wildlife share their little ones with us, providing ample opportunity to squeal and aww when watching and interacting with these delicate but vivacious creatures. Helping baby animals quickly grow from tiny fuzzballs to healthy, strong animals is one of the most rewarding experiences that truly enriches our understanding of the cycle of life. Nothing compares to the thrill of succesfully bottle feeding a hungry kid goat, watching a baby llama gain its balance and dash across the field, or letting baby ducks out on their first swim. If only they could stay this cute forever!

dolly baby goat

Baby goats are curious little creatures that are jumping and bouncing around in joy within days of being born, ecstatically figuring out the acrobatic wonders of their legs. 

baby goats

These goat triplets are only a few weeks old, and constantly looking for mama’s milk while testing out the flavor of pasture grass. 

baby ducks

Our feathery friends love their grain, but instictually feed on grass and insects as soon as they are allowed to forage. At around 3 months old, baby duck’s voices begin to ‘crack’ and their peeping gradually turns into quacking.

baby chicks

Baby chicks do best when raised in groups of 4-12. These little ones have lost their fuzzy feathers and are already donning their multicolored ones. 

baby turkeys

Although directly related to dinosaurs, these baby turkeys are far cuter than your average veloceraptor!

baby oriole

This baby oriole was nursed back to health before he flew out into the wild on his own.

baby kitten

Part of our rodent control team, this hunter kitten was born and raised on the farm.

baby llama

Just out of the womb, this little llama is being cleaned up by mom and getting ready to face the big, wide world.

Images: Myrtle Glen Farm