Put Down the Cupcake: This is Your Brain on Sugar [Video]


Ever wonder exactly what it is that happens to your brain when your eat sugar? It’s fascinating. If not a little scary, as this TED-ed video explains. Keep in touch with Jill on Twitter @jillettinger Related on Organic Authority Is Sugar More Dangerous Than Tobacco? Consuming Refined Sugar May Kill You a Lot Faster 50 Other Names for Sugar

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Jill Ettinger

Jill Ettinger is a Los Angeles-based journalist and editor focused on the global food system and how it intersects with our cultural traditions, diet preferences, health, and politics. She is the senior editor for sister websites OrganicAuthority.com and EcoSalon.com, and works as a research associate and editor with the Cornucopia Institute, the organic industry watchdog group. Jill has been featured in The Huffington Post, MTV, Reality Sandwich, and Eat Drink Better. www.jillettinger.com.