Paris Foodies Say “Oui” to Organic Dining

Sol Semilla

Considering how food-obsessed our Gallic friends are, one might assume that Paris would be full of organic restaurants. Up until recently, however, this wasn’t the case. Not only is Paris famously poor in vegetarian options, but the organic trend that has hit hard in the States only recently sidled up to Paris, the city of foodies. But the trend has begun, and it’s growing nicely: from the kale project’s aim to bringing the leafy green to the French, to Paris’ organic markets, to organic grocery store chains like Bio C’ Bon, residents of the City of Lights now have more and more options for eating organic. And if you’re looking for a place to eat out while visiting… we’ve got more than a handful of choices!

Supernature has two outposts, both in Paris’ hip and trendy 10th arrondissement. While not all products are organic, Supernature makes a point of seeking out organic whenever possible. The seasonal menus are ever-changing, with a promise of at least one vegetarian dish per day, something that’s tough to find in France! Some French classics like mousse and crêpes find their way onto a menu that combines the California sensibility of fresh, natural food with the je ne sais quoi that is completely Parisian!

Not far from Paris’ Bastille, Gentle Gourmet offers delicious, seasonal, 100 percent vegan fare that is organic whenever possible. December’s menu proposes cream of pumpkin, leek and chanterelle soup with cilantro and green apple, a green Puy lentil burger, and a Portobello and seitan bourguignon.

Sol Semilla is an organic, superfood store in Paris’ 10th arrondissement; it’s also home to the Bar des Artisans, an organic, seasonal, vegan restaurant. Menu options include “Super Soups,” made of superfood ingredients like spirulina-ginger or maca-cardamom. Raw and cooked dishes are available at this restaurant, which is a bit cafeteria-style, with just a few options that change daily.

Camilla Prioli of Happy Crulture was a member of the Sol Semilla team for two years before launching her vegan, organic pop-up restaurant in Paris, which can be found in the city’s art galleries and other spaces. Updates of where the restaurant will “pop up” next are available on the site!

For now, Paris’ organic restaurant scene seems grounded in vegetarian and vegan menus, but it is quickly expanding to include more and more restaurants that cover the vast realm of organic possibilities. Bon Appétit!

Image: Sol Semilla

Emily Monaco
Emily Monaco

Emily Monaco is an American food and culture writer based in Paris. She loves uncovering the stories behind ingredients and exposing the face of our food system, so that consumers can make educated choices. Her work has been published in the Wall Street Journal, Vice Munchies, and Serious Eats.