Organic Home and Garden Recommendations

For the Organic Gardener

If you haven’t yet invested in a composter for your organic garden, now is the time to buy one and start that compost pile for the growing season. To learn more about composting and organic gardening check out A Simple Organic Compost Recipe, and Composting, The Organic Gardener’s Secret Solution.

If your organic tomatoes didn’t quite work out last year, or you live in a small space, the redesigned Tomato Success Kit from is a super buy, complete with its own self-watering planter and organic tomato fertilizer.

Make Your Pet’s Flea Solution Organic

Save your pets from direct contact with pesticides and fleas this spring and summer. Try a blend of natural oils and botanical infusions in:

Bite This! Flea Remedy

Bite This! Flea Remedy

“Bite This! is a blend of Neem oil, pure essential oils, organic botanical infusions, and base oils that will help protect your canine from fleas. Simply put a few drops in your hands and rub into your dog’s fur.”