5 Ways to Winterize Your Favorite Flowerpots

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Holiday cheer, holiday schmear. Do those now empty flowerpots that once burst with happy spring blooms make you feel like an all-around Grinch, even before it’s Thanksgiving? Don’t let those sad-looking containers on your porch, deck or balcony sit barren all winter. Repurpose them into cute decorating vessels for your home—inside and out. These five creativity-inspiring ideas will get you going.

1. Fill em’ Up with Pinecones

Simply load your empty flowerpots with easy-to-find pinecones for a quick makeover. Scour your yard (or the neighbor’s!) for a bunch of those seasonal favorites. Grab all shapes and sizes; there’s no wrong pinecone for this decorating scheme. Once you’ve loaded your containers with pinecones, set your newly revamped vessels by the front door or line them along a windowsill to create some seasonal flair. You could even add some greenery (think evergreen boughs) to the mix.

2. Create a Repurposed Candy Jar

Instead of the usual bowls holding all manner of holiday treats, why not repurpose a particularly pretty ceramic flowerpot to hold goodies? Set a small flowerpot (or two, depending on the size of your sweet tooth) brimming with candies by the front door to greet guests.

3. Use Them as Dishes

ceramic dishes
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Many of your flowerpots are probably essentially the same as ceramic cups, mugs and bowls—if shaped a little differently. Why not shake up your usual tableware by adding your flowerpots to your dish set? If drinking out of a clay or ceramic flowerpot weirds you out, try this. Drape a cloth inside one of your flowerpots and then use it to stylishly display your cookies, cupcakes, fruit and other easy-to-grab goodies.

4. Store Firewood—in Style

It’s the time of year for warming fires in the hearth. But where do you store all of that messy backup timber? Repurposing a large flowerpot into an easy firewood holder turns a potentially cluttered scenario into a darn cute display. If you have enough space, keep the flowerpot-turned-firewood-storage near (but not too near!) the fireplace for easy access. Or just use the flowerpot, or several, to streamline the outdoor area used to store firewood.

5. Make One Crafty Table Centerpiece

Instead of the same ol’ same ol’ holiday table centerpieces involving different combinations of poinsettias, garland and holly (or gourds for Thanksgiving), use your out-of-commission flowerpots to craft a distinct table display. Whether it’s for your holiday dinner or just an everyday meal, liven up your dining room table by artfully arranging a combination of flowerpots. Fill varying sizes of flowerpots with fall- or winter-themed objects, or with indoor houseplants, or both! Let your imagination run wild.

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Kirsten Hudson

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