7 Vintage Decor Pieces For A Retro Pad

Vintage home decor.

There’s been a newfound interest in vintage decor. Some call it “thrift store chic” and dismiss it to the realm of college students and eccentrics, but vintage has gained new respect of late. And I’m not really talking about antiques here–or at least not fancy, expensive ones, but the kind of goods you find at thrift shops, estate sales, small auction houses, yard sales, on Craigslist and even on Etsy. 

7 Vintage Home Decor Pieces To Inspire Your Style

Maybe it’s the success of the TV show Mad Men, the rise of hipster culture or that people are becoming less consumer driven and more committed to the environmental mantra of reuse?! Whatever the case may be, I, for one, am glad that it’s now ‘socially acceptable’ to decorate my home with vintage chotskies and furniture–it’s what I’d be doing anyway.

Etsy is by far my favorite place to shop for vintage home decor. The instant gratification is appealing–it’s a 24/7 vintage catalog! If you’re decorating on a budget, thrift, yard and estate sales can be tons of fun because you never know what you’ll find. I’ve made quite few impulse purchases this way–like a 50-year-old homemade Raggedy Ann doll I never would have imagined I wanted before I found it. Here are a few more things I’m drooling over.

1. Vintage Metal Small Tool Cabinet

Vintage decor cabinet.

Forget Ikea, this cabinet is way better than anything you could find there for your small storage needs. (Image: River House Designs)

2. 1971 Vintage Rotary Telephone

Vintage rotary ohone.

I’m not sure that I would like this to be my only home phone, but using this stylish piece would sure make me question whether I really needed to make a call or not. (Image: VintagePoacher)

3. Mid-Century Credenza

Vintage credneza.

This laminate wood credenza from the 1950’s would make an awesome bar station at your next soiree. (Image: WoodLoveEtc)

4. Vintage Aluminum Kitchen Canisters

Vintage decor cannisters.

Use these canisters in the kitchen or elsewhere for vintage kitsch. They feature Bakelite handles and illustrations depicting coffee, tea and sugar. I would use these for organizing in my the office. (Image: TheForecast)

5. Art Deco Mirror

Vintage mirror.

And for something a little earlier in the 20th century, this round art deco mirror is stunning with its beveled edges and beautiful etched art deco design. (Image: Snapshot Vintage)

6. Vintage Tole Flower Chandelier

Vintage chandelier.

This French tole flower chandelier from the 1920s would make a gorgeous statement anywhere you put it in your home. (Image: LievreVintage)

7. Mid-Century Modern Yellow Danish Lounge Chair

Vintage mid-century chairs.

Finally, more Mid-Century vintage delight with these fabulous Danish modern lounge chairs in walnut wood and yellow vinyl. (Image: fifille25)

Top Image: Maya83

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