9 Garden Dens for the Perfect Outdoor Hideaway

 garden den

There’s something invitingly cozy and pleasant about garden dens that awakens your inner forest fairy. Outdoor nooks that provide even the simplest little getway can be the perfect way to give yourself a mini vacation away from any distractions; curling up with a good book or just getting some shut-eye re-energizes the body and the soul. We’ve rounded up these cool gardening dens that have borne out of creative minds to inspire you to build your own backyard hideaway!

garden office

1. This quaint, cozy and well protected garden office is the perfect place to recollect your thoughts and get some work done in peace. Available as a DIY kit from Burd Haward Architects, the outside of this structure is surrounded by a mesh that allows whatever vine you plant to become part of this cute little house. 

 garden teepee

2. Built out of a construction pallet, sticks and garden debris, these little fairies have created the perfect little woodland haven complete with bright sunflowers.

garden studio 

3. This quaint, converted garden studio is the perfect place to relax after digging in the dirt with a cup of coffee and a tasty baked treat.

garden sanctuary

4. This serene zen garden sanctuary was created by British willow weaving artist Carole Beavis.

concrete garden den

5. Creative, cool and resourceful, these recycled concrete pipe dens are part of the Prahran Hotel in Austria.

tree den

6. This German tree den is made entirely out of sustainable materials, and is designed for peaceful unwinding. Baumram, the comapny designing these useful creations, makes all sorts of quirky but functional garden huts, tree houses and alternative houses. 

 luxury garden den

7. Set in the Royal Botanic Gardens of Melbourne, Australia, this luxury garden den is the perfect example of where nature meets modern design.

indian garden den

8. This bohemian garden den inspired by Indian and Turkish interiors is ideal for a themed dinner party or romantic dinner for two.


9. Cacoons are the coolest new hammocks that you’ll never want to get out of once you’ve crawled for a little afternoon nap. 

Images: HGTV, Burd Haward, Elsie Button, Carole Beavis, Prahran Hotel, Baumram, Landform Consultants, Sortrature, houzz