3 Tips to Create a Bedroom That’s Framed Out

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It’s time to think outside the picture frame. You know, the usual decorating routine when it comes to picture frames: Simply slap a family photo, cool collage, cute postcard, favorite poster or other paper paraphernalia in a picture frame and hang it on the wall. Or, set your picture frame on prime end table or mantle real estate where it’s sure to be noticed. And… done.

While that’s nice and all, why not change it up? You can do a whole lot of cute decorating with an empty picture frame sans the glass. And, it’ll be cheap too. Abandoned frames without their coveted glass are all over secondhand shops, thrift stores, garage sales and auctions. Get in a new “frame” of mind with these three ways to revamp your bedroom with a few repurposed picture frames.

An Artsy Headboard

Craft an easy-schmeasy headboard for your bed by hanging two to three empty picture frames of the same size in a line directly above your pillows. The frames will create the illusion of a headboard and give added visual interest to your bedroom. And it couldn’t be easier. Just hammer in a few nails, hang your empty frames and voilà. You have yourself one standout headboard.

Easy Wall Art

Hang a collection of empty picture frames in interesting arrangements on a bare bedroom wall tht could use a little glamour. If you’re going for a vintage look, mount antique frames in various sizes on the wall using picture-hanging wire. While usually you’d hide the wire behind the picture frames, for this look you can add to the vintage feel by placing the nails higher than you want the frames to hang, and then allow the frames to dangle from the nails by the wire. Or, you could stick with an arrangement of basic, utilitarian frames for a modern look.

Frame Your Jewelry

Fashion a charming display for your jewelry by hanging a picture frame, and then using push pins or nails hammered directly into the wall to drape your necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings inside the frame. Make sure to hang your picture frame jewelry display near your dresser or the area you use to get ready for easy access.

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