DIY 4-Ingredient Kombucha Recipe


Kombucha has become increasingly popular in recent years, touted for its digestive benefits due to healthy probiotic bacteria. Unfortunately, even kombucha products currently on the market are often overly processed, full of additives, or preserved in a way that compromises the drink’s inherent health benefits. What better way to remedy this dilemma with your very own kombucha recipe? Using only four ingredients, the following kombucha recipe shows you how to do just that!

The effervescent beverage is known for its nutrient content, including glucosamines for improved joint function, and enzymes and organisms that detoxify the body. In his book, Cancer Ward, Russian Nobel-Prize winning author Alexander Solzhenitsyn credits a kombucha recipe for helping him to overcome stomach cancer. Though the flavor is acquired taste for many people, every kombucha recipe has a look and feel reminiscent of beer.

If you’ve decided to make your first kombucha recipe, you’ll need to purchase or grow your own SCOBY, which stands for “symbiotoic colony of bacteria and yeast.” For those familiar with the basic kombucha recipe, the SCOBY is often referred to as the “mother” or “mushroom”.

The SCOBY jumpstarts fermentation in your kombucha recipe and encourages the growth of healthy bacteria in the liquid. Once you make your first kombucha, the old SCOBY will leave behind a baby SCOBY, so to speak, which can be used in the next batch. It’s a cyclical process of giving “birth” to SCOBY babies from one batch to the next, and it all starts with the first! You can either borrow SCOBY from a friend’s recent batch or purchase one online.

Easy Homemade Kombucha Recipe

Makes 1 gallon


Directions: Heat eight cups of water in a large pot over high heat. Add the tea bags and let them steep for a half hour. Once steeped, stir in the turbinado until it is completely dissolved. Mix in the remaining water and remove the pot from the stove.

Once the sweetened tea reaches room temperature, pour it into the glass jar along with the SCOBY. Place the fabric over the opening of the jar and seal with a rubber band. Place the jar in a dark room with controlled temperature and no direct sunlight. Let it stay there for two weeks — the longer the kombucha recipe sits, the more healthy probiotics it will grow. For the last three to four days, take a taste of the mixture until it suits your preferences.

When done remove from kombucha from its place and store in the refrigerator to stop the fermentation process. Pour out the SCOBY and “baby” SCOBY that were formed and store them with a bit of the kombucha in a lightly sealed jar in the fridge until you want to make a new batch.

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