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Plant-Based Lifestyle Hacks From Sakara's Founders
Credit: Sakara
September 29, 2019
Sakara founders Danielle and Whitney indulge us in some of their plant-based living lifestyle hacks and the importance of getting those greens in!
What is ghee butter with benefits
Credit: iStock/Marekuliasz
January 10, 2019
India's Ayurvedic medicine has been using ghee for centuries and for good reason. But what is ghee? And more importantly, what can it do for your health?
5 Healing Crystals to Cool Your Body Down and Improve Your Spirit
July 19, 2018
These five crystals are summer-time lifesavers, not only because they do some incredible work on your chakras but also because they cool you down!
7 Natural Beauty Products You Can Trust
July 13, 2018
These seven natural beauty products are ones to praise in an increasingly saturated market. They're as clean as they are effective.
3 Ways to Break Up With a Toxic Friend
July 7, 2018
A break up is tough, but it's not just reserved for romantic relationships alone. Friendships, too, may not make the cut. Here's what you need to know.
vitamin C skincare
July 5, 2018
This homemade vitamin C serum is a potent topical elixir that requires only three ingredients but packs a strong anti-aging and beautifying punch.
July 3, 2018
The Good Inside Touchstone Essentials creates incredible wholefood supplements that fuel your body from the inside out, without compromising on quality.
Plant Protein Milk: The Best Thing Since Almond Milk (Only Better)
June 18, 2018
Get your plant-based protein from your daily serving of nondairy milk. Find out why these brands are upping the vegan protein milk game.
June 13, 2018
There are so many natural skincare brands to choose from these days, and while that spells a ton of fun […]
5 Inspirational Books to Help You Change Your Life
May 25, 2018
These 5 inspirational books will motivate you to make a change, either by trying a new hobby, adding something healthy to the diet, or meditating!