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March 25, 2011
At this year's Boston Seafood Show, worldwide organic farming advocate Naturland is urging the fishing industry to consider more eco-friendly fishing practices.
March 15, 2011
Mark Bittman, New York Times contributor and author of The Food Matters Cookbook, claims advances in sustainable farming now make it a viable solution to world hunger.
March 3, 2011
Prince Charles is encouraging everyone to grow an organic garden; even a tiny garden can yield fruits and vegetables, reduce carbon and feed local birds and insects.
February 24, 2011
Scientists at the Rochester Institute of Technology are working to use microalgae to clean wastewater and produce biodiesel simultaneously.
February 17, 2011
It's an unlikely next step for the former loudmouth comedian, but Roseanne's new life with her family on a 5,000 tree macadamia nut farm will be filmed for a 16-episode reality TV show on Lifetime.
February 9, 2011
Important nutrition facts may soon appear on the front of food labels, hopes the Grocery Manufacturers Association and the Food Marketing Institute, who this week announced a new labeling system called "Nutrition Keys" to make important health data that much more accessible.
January 27, 2011
Women exposed to pesticides and plasticizers are more likely to have fertility problems and lower birth-weight babies.
January 21, 2011
European health officials are now warning that the German dioxin outbreak may be worse than previously thought – extending beyond tainted eggs – and prompting some countries to take harsher action.
January 13, 2011
The United States Department of Agriculture says starting in 2012, nutrition labels will be mandatory on many popular cuts of meat and poultry.
December 3, 2010
The Iowa City School District is taking time to introduce school children to local farmers.