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Liz Thompson is a freelance writer, copywriter, and green beauty expert who puts words together for organic + natural beauty and health + wellness professionals. A 13 year background in organic beauty and health + wellness research and writing means Liz is well versed in not only the specifics of healthy (and not so healthy) cosmetic ingredients, manufacturing practices, and compliance issues, but ways to capture reader interest and inspire action. Liz helps product creators, shop owners, websites, and blogs become more visible, connect with their audience, and be seen as an expert through fresh content that kindles excitement from their followers and helps them to fulfill their dreams. She's also not afraid to throw around a bit of slang. Liz has worked with both big name organic beauty brands and smaller indie brands, and has contributed to OrganicAuthority.com, EcoSalon.com, Domino.com, and POPSUGAR Beauty. For more info, check out OrganicBeautySource.com and @organicbeautysource on Instagram.

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Mineral Based Natural Sunscreens: A Consumer Guide to Help You Protect Your Skin With Safe & Effective Products
Credit: Image: Gustavo Linhares + Organic Authority Studio
June 14, 2019
Organic Authority covers the latest in sunscreen formulation and sun protection. Everything you need to know about FDA guidance, product formulation, and product labeling.